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23. 02. 2012. Gothic Future - A New Product Line Revealed You can find many interesting information about our new product line called Gothic Future in a brand new section under the Pruducts category. Gothic Future is a futuristic setting with some fantasy and a strong gothic flavor. These will be our first real 3d products. We willl retexture old, well known 3d modells to give them a brand new cybergoth appearence and will publish new models in the future. If you are interested in the cybergoth genre or are just curious, give it a try and look through our cybertomes and see a dark and glorious world  to come alive with many background informations and some old and well known models in totally new guises. 23. 02. 2012. Site Updated Several new products have been published since the launching of the site so there were a growing need for an update. We included all the newer products in the Products section with links to their product pages in the Renderosity MarketPlace and there are some new images in the Gallery also. An exciting addition is a new section in the Products category called Gothic Future where you can find many informations about our new product line including background informations about the Gothic Future setting and the different products which will be published in the future. Graphic 15. 11. 2010. The Site is Launched The official CyberSorcery website is started at last. We have all the main features working yet. You can find all our products with their detailed descriptions here as well as informations about the studio and promotional images showing our products in use. You can also find here some free resources to download. There will be new free contents uploaded every month so please check back regularly. If you want to be informed about our new releases and all the related news and informations then this is the best place to go.  Back to Home  Back to Home Graphic Graphic