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Milky Way OUR DESTINY LEADS US TOWARDS THE STARS. We will find our doom or our salvation there among many treasures and mysteries and innumerable evils lurking there. OUR GALAXY IS AN UNTHINKABLY HUGE REALM teeming with billions of worlds and uncountable lifeforms but few of them holds the spark of sentience within its heart and only a handful emerged to be a member of the starfarer species. When we stepped out amongst the stars we sought new treasures, new homes and waited for the great encounter with an alien civilisation. But we only found there death, suffering and an Endless War. Thousands of years have passed since then and we gained a foothold. We learned the rules and built a new Empire upon the sacrifice of countless lifes. This is our Galactic Empire. We live in a hostile world and striving for survival against our alien enemies. This is our world. The world of our Gothic Future. Initial Our World, Our Empire, Our War The Galactic Empire of Mankind HUMANITY BECAME ONE OF THE RULING FACTORS in our Galaxy. Swarmed out from Terra we colonized billions of worlds. In the turmoil of that centuries we were forced to form an empire founded on unshakable faith and held together by iron hands to stand still in the storms of the all encompassing Galactic Wars. The Galactic Empire comprises billions of worlds spreading through a waste region of the Galaxy. These worlds ar habited mainly by humans with some minor servient species. The Galactic Empire is highly organized and held together by a rigid bureaucratic system and a common and only true religion of the Highest Lord of Mankind. Our unshakable faith that is which solidifies our Empire and forms a shield against the onslaught of the alien evils and the heretics whose are the Enemy Within. We live the Eon of the Great Crusade where mankind is threatened from the outside by alien invaders and from the inside by heretics, rebels and by their own demons so mankind has to fight not just for food and shelter but for their own souls. Astral Knights and Battle Sisters are the elite troops of the fare future who lead an endless war with the support of Warrior Priests. Meanwhile the ever watchful Holy Inquisition seeks the inner enemies of the Empire sometimes in disguise, sometimes in its full glory. Initial The Alien Races MANY ARE THE ENEMIES OF MANKIND and too few are our allies and they change faces and sides too quickly in this endless war. These are the most powerful alien civilizations in our Galaxy with whom we made a contact in our history and with whom we usually are engaged in war in some area of the Galaxy. The Seelie The Seelie are one of the oldest races of the Galaxy with a very long history and a very advanced culture and technology. Their technology is arcane and interwoven with knowledge which would look to us as some kind of dark sorcery. They are very powerful and utterly incomprehensible to us but they are few and it seems that their race is dying and their society is falling apart. They look like slim and delicate human beings with beautiful and slightly alien faces. They are very intelligent but their aims are obscure. Troglodytes The Troglodytes are big, rough and brutal humanoids with greenish skin. They are low-minded and form tribal societies. They are very aggressive and think only the strong deserve to live. They usually wage war among themselves but often lead looting raids on the borderlands of the Empire. The Sluagh The Sluagh is an enigmatic robotic race whose origin is lost in the very distant past. Probably were created by an ancient and now extinct species and broke free many millennia ago, or they were themselves organic beings but left their bodies behind in their search for immortality. Their technical advancement is unmatchable and they are diverse and highly organized. They are cold and totally rational with no human feelings but they seem to disdain all organic lifeforms seeing them a very pitiful and impure form of existence. The area of their operations falls quite far from the Empire mainly oriented towards the inner regions of the Galaxy around the galactic core. They do not show too much interest in the businesses of the Empire but it seems they can appear at every point of the universe and sometimes they encroach on the affairs of the other races for their own unknown reasons. Initial Heretics and Daemons - The Enemy Within IT IS IRONIC THAT while we learned to survive among the stars and managed to withstand the many threats of the Universe maybe our destiny will be sealed by ourselves. By our own inner weaknesses, our own greeds and our fears manifested. It seems that as the Emperor, the Holy Patriarch and the Inquisition rules the empire more and more relentlessly heresy raises its head in ever increasing number. And where heresy flourishes daemonic forces find their way into our world and shatter the fragile surface of sanity. We know very little about the nature of the demonic forces but it seems that they originate or at least gain their power from the depths of the human soul. They can manifest in many forms and we must pray to our Highest Lord that we never encounter them in our futile lives. Initial Skull and Axes  Back  Back