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FURY IS OUR WEAPON. Swiftness is our strength. We are your sweet nightmare, your beautiful cup of poison. Our ballroom is the battlefield and our dance is the Dance of Death. ASTRAL KNIGHTS AND BATTLE SISTERS ARE THE ELITE TROOPS of the Galactic Empire who wage an endless war against the many enemies of mankind. Battle Sisters combine speed and strength with their lightweighted but strong battle armors. They excel in close combat mainly using their traditional power axes and handguns and can effectively assist the heavy power of the Astral Knights. They live in closed nunneries and belong to different Orders which follow distinct spiritual and martial principles. There are many Battle Sister Orders throughout the Galaxy, the biggest and most influentials are the Daughters of Death, the Bone Angels  and the Poison Sisters. The Orders operate many nunneries throughout the Empire. The sisters are adopted by the Orders as little girls and get thorough intellectual, spiritual and phisical education and training. Every nunnery is led by an Abbess and the sisters spend their life with phisical exercises and martial training and spiritual contemplation. They honour their founding Matrons with such a religious devotion that even raises the suspicion of some inquisitors. Initial Battle Sisters Battle Sisters Symbol The Most Well Known Orders YOU CAN FIND BELOW some informations about the three most known Battle Sister Orders of the Empire: Daughters of Death The Order of the Daughters of Death is one of the biggest and most influential among the Battle Sister Orders. They appreciate swiftness, precision and cunning tactics. They have a good sense for finding the right moment and the week points of the enemy for a lethal strike. A well timed and aimed attack by the Daughters can determine the end of the battle. The Daughters of Death wear dark midnight blue armors. Their symbol is a skull with a crescent on its forehead. Their main nunnery is a gigantic space fortress scalloped with millions of towers and Gothic arches floating in deep space. Bone Angels The Bone Angels are reckless, tough and persistent. They fight with great vigor and stand their ground in the most exotic and extreme circumstances. They train their members to be creative and quick-witted to be able to swiftly adapt to the most diverse situations. The Bone Angels wear bone colored armors. Their symbol depicts crossed bones flanked with feathery wings. Their main nunnery is situated on an arid planet dotted with sand and stone deserts and rocky mountains with sharp summits and deep chasms. Poison Sisters The Poison Sisters are masters of ambush and infiltration. They are experts on camouflage techniques, they use holofields, smoke screens and chemical weapons to disorient and weaken their enemies. The Poison Sisters wear dark bluish-green armor. Their symbol is a poison drop above crossed bones. Their main nunnery is on a feral planet. Its high towers raise over a vast and deathly jungle teeming with aggressive carnivores and poisonous plants. Initial Battle Sister Graphic Graphic Battle Sister - DoD Battle Sister - BA Battle Sister from the Daughters of Death Order Battle Sister from the Bone Angels Order Related Product GF Battle Sister Armor for Tevireth  Back  Back