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Gothic Future Title Image IN THE DARK FUTURE OF MANKIND struggling for survival with ancient alien civilisations and horrifying agressive lifeforms in the chilling darkness of space, humanity had only one hope for survival to unite in the name of a new and strong God of Mankind and lead a relentless crusade against the enemies of men with the leadership of the Holy Inquisition. Astral Knights and Battle Sisters are the elite troops of the fare future who wage an endless war with the support of Warrior Priests and Inquisitors on the battlefields of the Gothic Future. Welcome to the Universe of the Gothic Future. You who have a thirst for the final truths look through the pages of this Cybertome to find all kind of knowledge about our dark and mysterious world. About the Gothic Future Project GOTHIC FUTURE is a futuristic setting with some fantasy and a strong gothic flavor. We take fantasy and medieval models from the recent and far past and give them a totally new cybergoth appearance. We willl retexture old, well known 3d modells to give them a brand new cybergoth appearence and will publish new models in the future. If you are interested in the cybergoth genre or are just curious, give it a try and look through our cybertomes and see a dark and glorious world  to come alive with many background informations and some old and well known models in totally new guises. We will publish textures for armors, clothes, weapons, vehicles and complete buildings and environments so a new world can really come alive. See the Cybertome for background informations about the world setting or the Products section for links to the actual product pages. We will publish more and more information here as our collection grows and the history of the Gothic Future world will get some lights also as time goes on. Initial Our World, Our Empire, Our War An introduction to the Gothic Future World Setting. Battle Sisters About the Battle Sister Orders of our Holy Empire. Initial